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Motorola also unveiled the Motoactv, a sports watch that serves as your all-in-one music and fitness device.

At first glance, the first it features a 1.6 inch colored touchscreen with Gorilla display making it scratch-resistant and will be able to withstand sweat and water, perfect for hardcore athletes. It’s core is powered by a 600MHz CPU infused with a customized Android platform whereas its whole body weighs for only 35 grams.
Motorola Motoactv tracks every sport-related activity you have when you run, walk, bike, etc. and create a log with the route you’re taking on your activities since it has a built-in GPS tracker. Other goodies also include a calorie counter for all the fat you’re burning, tracks your heart rate, and for audiophiles, this little fella can let you play up to 4000 songs thanks to its 8GB / 16GB storage. Meanwhile, it also supports Bluetooth 4.0. Battery time said to last for five hours on outdoors and 10 hours indoors.

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