Motorola Xoom WiFi: Price & Release Date

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Its always nice to know Motorola Xoom as the first tablet, ever to received the full blessing of Android Honeycomb (3.0), and was sold to the market. But we all know there’s some expected twist and turn with this powerful tablet, making its total sold units very poor compare to the profits made by Galaxy S last year.

Likewise, Motorola isn’t giving up the fight just yet! And for the past couple of weeks, the company is doing strategic moves of making this tablet available in almost all carriers in United States.

As of today, its officially confirm that Motorola Xoom (WiFi) only version will be available on May 8 for $599.99 (BHD 226). Naturally, this is something much anticipated ever since we first saw that leak about Nexus S 4G.

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