Mozilla & Spreadtrum To Launch $25 Firefox Phone

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Have you heard of Spectrum? Well if you haven’t, you will certainly do so soon. In partnership with Mozilla, the two companies announced a deal that aims to bring $25 handsets with reference designs under a new Firefox OS.

At the center of the effort is a modest hardware arsenal of SC6821 Cortex A5 based chipset unter the hood that supports WCDMA and EDGE networks. This includes WiFi, Bluetooth, camera and FM radio functionalities. With this chipset, these makers will be able to bring a 3.5 HVGA touchscreen running HTML5 applications.

The plan was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Clearly, both companies want to strive in a low-end market by offering an ultra-cheap handsets which are selling like hotcakes on third world countries. In the event, seven commercial devices running the Firefox OS were showcased. These include ZTE Open C and Open II, Alcatel ONETOUCH Fire C, Fire E, Fire S and Fire 7 tablet, all of which uses Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

Firefox OS is expected to bring all the basic things that users need and want in a smartphone such as customization options and integrated social media apps with Facebook and Twitter along with the Firefox mobile browser and HERE Maps with offline capabilities.

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