My Keepon Robot: Dances on Music

My Keepon robot has already taken the gadget geeks by storm and gathered a huge following on YouTube. The price of this robotic toy is expected to be from 20-25 BHD and is expected to be a Christmas top-seller around the world, with toy shops stocking it from September. It’s so unique and unusual it appeals to all age groups, from eight-year-old girls to 30-year-old executives. The creators of this bot have been working on it for over a year and it reacts and picks up the beat when you play music. Even if you click your fingers it will move in time with your fingers.

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  1. Did you actually manage to see My Keepon in the shops in September? We were meant to see him in the UK in October, but he only ended up in the shops right at the end of November! Here’s hoping he doesn’t end up running out!