New Asus Zenbook 13 and Zenbook 14 Laptops

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Asus launched two new Zenbook laptops which still feature their unique design that features Nano Edge displays and interesting design choices.

The new laptops, Zenbook 13 UX325 and the Zenbook 14 UX425 have a similar design language to their predecessors. They have displays with thin bezels which give them a 88% screen to body ratio.

They both have 1080p displays but they have interesting differences. There are two variants for each model, a 13 inch/14 inch 1 watt 450 nits display or a 13 inch/14 inch 300 nits display. That 1W display is particularly interesting since it is 50% brighter than the 300 nit one while being very low power.

The port selection is quite interesting. There is a standard HDMI port, a MicroSD card reader, one USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A port and 2 Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports. There is no headphone jack, which I believe are the first laptops that I’ve seen not to feature audio jacks.

They both run the latest 10th gen Intel CPUs, which could be either the Core i3 1005G1, the  Core i5 1035G1 or the Core i7 1065G7.  RAM available starts at 8GB and can go as much as 16GB or 32GB of LPDDR4X 3200MHz memory which is pretty fast.

They still feature fast SSDs, which makes transferring files and loading programs way faster than hard drives. They can be configured with either 256GB all the way up to 2TB of PCie SSDs. Some models also come with 32GB of Intel Optane storage paired with either 512GB or 1TB of traditional SSD storage. Intel Optane memory has very low latency so this will improve performance drastically.

They still feature glass touchpads with their NumberPad software that overlays on top of the touchpad. It has the excellent 3D IR HD camera with Windows Hello support, WiFi 6 connectivity and Bluetooth 5.0.

Asus crammed 67Whr batteries in these laptops and since these are pretty frugal laptops, you can expect great battery life on these laptops. They ship with 65W chargers in the box.

The new laptops are even thinner and lighter than the previous generation. Zenbook 13 weighs just 1.07kg and the Zenbook 14 is just 1.13kg. They are both only 13.9mm thin. They also come in two colour options: Pine Grey and Lilac mist.

The laptops whip with the charger, USB-C to audio jack dongle and an optional USB-A to LAN dongle in the box.

These are laptops that are geared to be light but still be powerful enough to do various tasks on it

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