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With Apple prepping up the stage for another milestone release of the iPhone 5 this month in San Francisco, a familiar face just happened to hop on the train and in due time to hype up its name one more time. Let’s keep the facts straight, first and foremost: the iPad Mini will not be sharing the stage with the iPhone 5 since it’s been said that the smaller version of the Apple slab will happen most likely in October. 

The device that everyone’s buzzing about is the new iPod – two new variants to be exact and a chance to perk it to three. Current models of the iPod Nano and Shuffle are quite the eye candy mainly because of their funky and vibrant color schemes and a bang for the buck when it comes to storage capacity. In this light, the reported new iPods will have the carry the same color appeal and that one of them will have two size capacities and the other will be available on single storage capacity. 

The third variant of the rumored new iPods is the enigma: it may or may not be an iPod Touch-esque device but as of the moment, accounting for the third device is a bit early. Whether or not the third is what the leaked moldings portray it to be (larger display, home button, Wi-Fi connectivity), no true word has yet to come out from the wood work as to these new iPods is to be released next week or on a later date.

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