New Krusell Unisex Laptop bags called Radical and Breeze

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Krusell has a new line of unisex laptop bags launching next week and its pretty nice looking too. Now you don’t have to worry if your girlfriend or wife dislikes the colours in this range of bags since they are unisex and even you can re-use it.

The laptop bags come in a variety of fashionable colours in one size to fit 15, 4” laptops. The Radical bag is made of 100% Terylene weave and comes in three different unique designs. The Breeze laptop bag is made of high quality embossed cow leather. It comes in four different designs to match the already existing Breeze mobile phone case and neck strap collection. Both bags are equipped with a trolley function with zipper closure at the backside.

You can get them in stores March 2008 onwards. Radical messenger bags go for a price of 64,90 euro and Breeze for 189 euro.

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