New Nintendo Wii Budgeted Gaming Console

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Nintendo has just announced a shift in console strategy. It will no longer be giving emphasis on Wii U’s hardware change but instead, a new consoles will be made. A shift in console making comes along a balance in price strategy so that the console should match the price based on various factors. However, the company is also targeting China as an emerging market suggesting that it is also keen in creating cheaper consoles especially for the low-income group and those with less gaming experience.

The market expansion generally involves the production of new devices which will start next year including the their initial release. Existing devices will no longer be sold at cheaper prices and instead new game consoles will be made by the Kyoto-based company. The company also finds making smartphone games not feasible and viable and therefore refrains from engaging in this business endeavor.

There will also be some changes in figurines but the use of Mario will be enhanced in the process. China is opening itself to the world of gaming consoles with the lifting of the ban on Xbox One and other known gaming consoles providing a good opportunity for Nintendo’s new target.

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