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Dubai, 17 May 2010 – Nokia announced the arrival of its newest device featuring the Comes with Music service to the Middle East: the Nokia 5235 Comes with Music. Following the launch of the Nokia X6 Comes with Music edition in February, the new device comes to complement the range offering, giving consumers a wider choice to enjoy the revolutionary Comes with Music service.

“The new Nokia 5235 Comes with Music edition is a fantastic device that allows access to millions of tracks for download. Adding this new device to the Comes with Music offering ensures that we are giving consumers more choice and wider access to this fantastic service,” said Frederic Copper-Royer, Music Manager, Nokia Middle East and Africa.

He added, “Since the launch of the Nokia X6 Comes with Music in the region, we have seen a lot of interesting trends emerge through the usage of the service. For example, approximately 54% of downloads are being done through the PC, while the remaining 46% are done directly to the Nokia device. Interestingly, approximately 40% of all music downloaded is Arabic music. In terms of overall popularity of genres, international pop music leads, followed by oriental pop, RNB, Khaleeji, and Hip-Hop.”

Comes with Music is a revolutionary way for people to discover and enjoy music. The proposition is simple: you get four million tracks, for free, for keeps. When you buy the Comes with Music edition device, you get 12 months of unlimited access to millions of tracks for download from the Ovi Music, which hold a wide array of genres. You can enjoy the music on the Comes with Music edition device or your dedicated PC. The songs are yours to keep. So after the year is complete, the licenses do not expire and you can continue to enjoy all of the music that you’ve downloaded.

With the support of up to 16 GB of additional memory, the new Nokia 5235 Comes with Music device allows you to store up to 3,400 of your favorite tracks. The device is 3.2” in size and has a full touchscreen display.

Source : Impact Porter Novelli

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