New York Times Launches Paywall app

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The New York Times digital subscription service known as the paywall goes live worldwide at March 28th. To help easy people into the new subscription service, the Times is offering a discount for the first four weeks; you can get unlimited access for just $0.99.
After the first four weeks, it will go up to $15 for four weeks of access to and a mobile phone app, $20 for access to and its iPad app, and $35 for four weeks of access to all of the above. Those who subscribe to the print version of the Times will still be able to access digital content for free.

Those who don’t pay subscribe digitally, will be able to access front page content, home page, as well as all section fronts, blog fronts and classifieds, and 20 articles per month for free. Without paying, you can still access the Top News section on smartphone and tablet apps, and you can read Times’ articles through links from blogs, Facebook,Twitter, and search (limited to five a day), even if you have reached your monthly reading limit.

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