Nintendo Network & App Store launched

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There was some talk in web sphere about Nintendo possibly offering their players some sort of “app store”. This app store would allow players access to purchasable and downloadable add-on content, and yes it seems that such a service is for real as Nintendo has officially unveiled the Nintendo Network, an online service that will be initially rolled out to Nintendo 3DS owners but will be making its way onto the Wii U when the console is released later this year.

The Nintendo Network, apart from allowing users to purchase add-on content, will also offer users a number of services, such as competition and communication between users, with a personal account system compatible with the Nintendo Network expected to replace the friend’s code system that was originally designed for the Wii.

According to Nintendo, the infrastructure for the digital distribution of 3DS titles is already in place, although the first game to take advantage of downloadable add-on content is Japanese title Tobidasu Pricla Kiradeco Revolution, although it seems that the upcoming Final Fantasy for the Nintendo 3DS is expected to make use of this new system as well. So, who else is looking forward to the Nintendo Network on their 3DS and soon the Wii U.

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