Nissan releases ‘open-air version’ of the new all-electric LEAF

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Nissan has a tendency to unveil new versions of the Leaf and not releasing them on the market.

Their latest one is an ‘open-air version’ of the new all-electric LEAF unveiled today.
All-electric convertible cars are fairly rare these days.

The original Tesla Roadster had a removable top and some body shops have been offering aftermarket modifications to make the Tesla Model S convertible.

As for plug-in hybrids, BMW is now making a convertible version of the BMW i8.

Now Nissan debuted an ‘open-air version’ of the new Nissan LEAF this week at the Tokyo forum on zero-emission society.

It doesn’t seem to actually be a convertible, but simply an open-air car, like Citroën’s all-electric E-Méhari.

Nissan didn’t release many details about the vehicle, but they wrote in a press release:

“The 100% electric car was displayed at a forum to celebrate the milestone of 100,000 sales of the Nissan LEAF in Japan since the model was first introduced in 2010.”

The Japanese automaker added that “there are currently no production plans for the LEAF Open Car.”

Nissan has a habit of unveiling new versions of the Leaf and rarely bringing them to production.

Recent examples include a new Leaf GT electric car concept and a Leaf with a Nismo upgrade.

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