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I still require a public apology for your libel placed on your website and facebook pages immediately. Note that I have contacted my lawyer Mr. Osama Anwar and supplied him with copies of your website and facebook pages and instructed him to initiate proceedings against you. This will NOT stop unless I get a public apology from you as detailed above, encouraging your followers against libeling us, and calling us thugs, ignorant of the laws of the land and the other choice adjectives you used against us. Faisal I am absolutelyserious about this. We MUST get this from you THIS AFTERNOON

My Comment:
I would just say one word, Spread Peace not Hate !

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  1. Not good enough.

    Especially when you espouse not only hate, but incite for violence against peaceful people.

    I take it that you do not want to man up and apologise for your mistake, therefore, we are left with no alternative but to go through the legal route.

  2. Well everyone in Bahrain knows who spreads hate & sparks the fire And I am man enough to tell the world I love Bahrain & His Highness The King Hamad & shall promote AlKhalifa Rule & peace in Bahrain always, No apology …..!