Nokia 700 “Zeta”, 600 and 500

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A leak today uncovers the Nokia 700 handset under its mid-end specifications. The real interesting part here is not about its innards but the platform it’s using called as “Symbian Belle”, said to be the next version of Symbian Anna.

According to this document from Flashfly, Zeta will run 1GHz CPU, a 3.2-inch nHD AMOLED screen along with 5MP shooter camera w/ LED flash. Other details include NFC for mobile wallet support and will be under a thin and very light body said to weigh for only 80g.

Interestingly, the leaked document also shows two other smartphone called as Nokia 500 called as “Fate” which poses similar specs with Zeta and Nokia 600 called as “Cindy” said to be focused on “youth & entertainment” and this one puts FM Radio antenna on the top of its list.

While their release date and prices aren’t yet revealed, expect them to be more affordable compared with the hot Nokia N9 Meego phone along with the WP7 Sea Ray handset.

I think its about time for Nokia to step up its game and show to its users what platform it will fully support the most. At this point, users are a bit perplexed where the company is heading, and looking with Nokia’s current situation launching devices under three separate OS shows that fact.

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