Nokia Delivers ‘Best’ Maps for Phones

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Nokia has been in the mobile phone business for a while now and one reason for its longevity is the company’s willingness to keep improving and trying new things. Case in point is the company’s recently released online map service called Here, the mapping platform builds and improves on Nokia’s existing map app. 

The application is also one of the key business features that Nokia plans on focusing on, alongside their phones and cellular framework. So far, Nokia has been the driving force for maps used seen on Bing, Garmin, Rand McNally and Yahoo Maps. Here retains the same features that most users are familiar with, but with some radical improvements courtesy of EarthMine, Nokia’s latest acquisition. Earthmine is known for its Street View POV mapping technology that’s already been incorporated in Here’s web portal. Users can access, sync and personalize the maps and any location data they’ll need through their Nokia account. 

A new innovation that Nokia Here is offering is the Map Creator. Users can make use of pre-existing maps and satellite images and add needed information like street names and features like landmarks and traffic direction. Nokia will then take the data provided by users and incorporate it onto their official maps, thereby creating a realistic map with up to date information. Here also boasts of a cool 3D mapping aspect that provides a fully rendered building model. Right now, Google is laboring to get Google Map into the iOS App Store and Apple is also dealing with its own mapping problems, so the time is ripe for Nokia to step up its game. And so far, the company seems confident that combining local and cloud based computing to its “capture, compute and experience” platform will do the job. 

According to Nokia, this system ensures fast rendering while using low bandwidth, so users can have reliable and informative maps. Aside from using cloud technology, Nokia also plans to bring HERE to multiple operating systems. It’s already available on the Windows Phone and Nokia plans to come up with dedicated apps that will be compatible with the Android, iOS and even Mozilla’s Firefox. Nokia might still be struggling to finds its footing in today’s Android and Apple dominated smart phone market, but you have to give it props for always forging ahead. If their new mapping technology succeeds, it might just be the thing Nokia needs to bring it back to the player’s table.

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