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Maps have been an integral part of human existence for millennia, by some estimates as long as eight thousand years. It’s only in the last decade, though, that they’ve gone truly digital. HERE, the world’s first location cloud service, is at the forefront of this cartographical revolution.
The HERE experience

Nokia Here App Includes theses amazing apps:
HERE Drive + Beta
HERE Transit
HERE City Lens


Noka HERE Transit Overview:
Nokia Transit is now HERE Transit. HERE Transit makes taking public transportation easier and faster than ever. Quickly compare routes, departure and arrival times, and even see the walking distances required for each route option. Choose the route that works best for you and let HERE Transit do the rest. Traveling to a new city? HERE Transit is available in over 670 cities and 50 countries around the world so there is no need to download separate apps for each city. Check if your city is covered here:

Based on 25 years of mapping technology leadership, HERE, launched this week for Windows Phone 8, offers the only true offline maps experience, the largest indoor map inventory, and the largest public transport coverage of any location service to date. But that’s not all. To showcase some more amazing facts about the reach of Nokia’s mapping service, we’ve put together a funky infographic. Head south to find out more.


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Check out the Nokia Here Map Now:  HERE.COM

Download Nokia HERE  Apps : Windows Store


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