Nokia Lumia 1020 Black Update, GDR3 OS Patch

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Nokia made a wonderful update for the Lumia 1020 recently. This is called the Black Update which made Lumia phone use more efficient and excellent because of the listed improvements below.

An update called the daily lighters will enable the user to lock screen rotations and easily swap between applications. You will also be able to personalize message and alert tones for messaging, mails, calls and other applications that require notifications. There is also an update for your camera. The combined Nokia Smart Camera and Nokia Pro Camera will surely make you take good and interesting photographs.

Nokia Glance screen will also be a useful update since one will be able to browse through quick notifications like calendar and messaging events even when the screen is locked. We also have the Bluetooth 4.0 LE for faster wireless and data connection.

Another wonderful update is the GDR3 OS patch. GDR or General Distribution Release offers start screen support especially for devices with 5-7 inches screens with screen resolution at 1080 pixels. GDR3 will also help sort and manage your storage settings.

These updates will surely enthrall all the Lumia 1020 users. This will surely come in handy for those who have an active and busy lifestyle.

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