Nokia Lumia 920 Cam Beats iPhone 5 & Galaxy s3

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The global smartphone industry is flooded with four high-end handsets which are all set to be competing with each other. Camera buffs, who believe that a good camera should also perform well in a light-deprived environment, would have to consider the Lumia 920’s camera performance beating other high-end phones in the market such as the Galaxy S3, HTC One X and iPhone 5. While these four handsets have a few common features, it is interesting to know how each fared in the low-light camera test. 

All of these 4 handset sport rear cameras of 8MP with video recording of 1080p. Nokia is smart enough to bring the PureView technology to the Lumia 920. It also features Carl Zeiss optics lens, better digital zooming, and front camera of 1.3MP for enabling video calls. Apple, on the other hand, was able to integrate a smaller iSight camera on iPhone 5. Then, aside from having rear cameras of 8MP, the S3 and One X both have front cameras of 1.9MP and 1.3MP respectively for video calls. 

These four handsets were then tested by taking night shots somewhere in a European city. The pictures taken show varying degrees of clarity and detail but they clearly show which handset has performed better than the other. Ranking first is the Lumia 920 while iPhone 5 and HTC One X followed second and third respectively. At this point, you have an idea which comes last. 


The Lumia 920 is described as the “best smartphone camera” in the market. It has unique features such as the “Floating Lens” image stabilization, PureMotion HD+ screen tech, and ClearBlack technology. All these features enable the Lumia 920 to detect ambient light such as sunlight. The device can also adjust brightness and color for viewing enhancement

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