Nokia N8 "A promise to succeed the rest"

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Nokia organized a Media event prior to the launch of its widely talked N8 entertainment device. The buzz was on with a glamorous style at The Edge, Dubai Media City. Nokia showcased its new born baby to the MENA market & mainly targeting entertainment lover across the Arab world.
A lot of promises & a lot to offer, lets say its a complete entertainment box which will hold all your gigs & gags and also make iPhone , blackberry & Samsung look like old house tools.
Nokia is spreading its support for the local developers through is a capital for nokia app devoloper its main cause it to prompt app development in local markets.With Nokia’s new app development wizard, developers can create their own apps & anyone can create an app even people who don’t have any software development infos.
Nokia N8 price tag is set from 450-500$ (170BD) and is promised to be launch in first week of October 2010 across MENA region.

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