Nokia N9 Says No to UK Market

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It seems that more and more emotion arousing the latest Nokia phone is for them increasingly a problem. This time, it appeared that N9 does not hit on one of the most competitive markets, ie for the UK.

The information sent to The Inquirer Nokia announced that it currently has no plans to introduce a model for the British market N9. It argues that the introduction of a new model on the market in question is preceded by the study.

The decision to availability, or lack of a model in a particular market is due to, among others building suitable for the product portfolio. So it appears that the UK market is not suitable or ready for Nokia N9.

In practice this may mean that Nokia is afraid N9 popularity in the UK market. That’s because it could jeopardize the success of handsets with Windows Phone 7 Mango, which is for Nokia to be or not to be among the manufacturers of smartphones.

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