Nokia ‘Remade’ Concept Phone

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Nokia has caught our green design attention once again with the recent unveiling of ‘Remade’, a concept phone made almost entirely of recycled materials. The prototype was introduced at Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona last week revealing Nokia’s vision for recycled material use in mobile phones of the future. From the looks of ‘Remade’, Nokia’s products of tomorrow will consume less natural resources, reduce landfill waste and be more energy efficient.

The ‘Remade’ mobile is made from upcycled materials like aluminum cans, plastic drink bottles and old car tires. Inside the sleek “nothing new” casing are more environmentally sensitive technologies like printed electronics (which reduce waste and CO2 emissions during manufacturing) and a backlit display which saves energy and increases the life of the battery.

As ‘Remade’ tails on Nokia’s recent launch of the eco-friendlier 3310 Evolve and other recent green moves including a cell phone recycling initiative in New York, we can’t help but keep highlighting the company’s focus on sustainability and look forward to what greener gadgets pop up from them in the future.

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