Nokia Symbian Phone "The End"

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Nokia has confirmed reports that it’s giving the Symbian platform an early retirement and that the Nokia 808 PureView will be the company’s last Symbian device. The company noted that Symbian devices have continued to be shipped in 2012 as the company undergoes a transition to Windows Phone. Perhaps it wanted the Symbian OS to have a grand and noisy exit as they marked it with the release of Nokia 808. 

The 41-megapixel Nokia 808 PureView, launched in the middle of 2012, is a device which showed impressive imaging capabilities. The PureView technology is now beginning to be utilized in the Window Phone-based Lumia smartphones from Nokia. Symbian phones started to enter the market in 1998. It was initially concocted as a multi-vendor collaborative effort between Psion, Motorola, Ericsson, and Nokia. Their target is to create a single smartphone platform that will be used by all of their devices. 

The good news is that these devices actually came out. The bad news is that the collaboration didn’t work out smoothly as planned. During the last quarter, shipments of Symbian smartphones make up a total of only 2.6% compared with Android’s more than 72% shipment record. One reason is due to demand while the other reason is because Nokia didn’t put any increased effort on their devices.

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