Nokia Tablet Rumors

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Well what do you know? It appears another rumor-mill is flying around the blogosphere confirming the validity and existence of a real fully-functional Nokia tablet under the MeeGo platform.

For those who managed to miss our report last year, the Nokia tablet was first leaked running a MeeGo type of software which is a combination of Maemo and Moblin. At that time, it was revealed by an insider that it could be named as the z500 tablet in which it will be using an Intel Atom type of architecture for its chipset.

As for the leak today, it points out that this tablet would be on landscape-tabular mode and it may have a 4.5-inch screen. As vague as this may sound, that picture could actually be the solid prototype of the MeeGo platform being developed for tablet production. Interestingly, if you’ll look back at the past leaks for this slate, it was said that it will be using a 7 / 9 incher form factor and its release date would be on Q4 of this year.


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