Nokia X enjoy Android apps on this phone

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Nokia, more known of their Windows devices and the Meego OS has climbed aboard the Android train; the Nokia X is the lovechild of a Lumia and an Asha, complete with bright colors while maintaining the company’s vision of a device whose functionality and user friendliness are blared right from the first swipe.

To start things off, the Nokia X packs a dual-core, 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, an entry level 512MB RAM, although it is supported with a spacious 4GB of onboard storage. Facing a user is its 4inch, 800×480 IPS LCD display screen, a 3megapixel rear camera with fixed autofocus (no LED flash) with 3G capability plus the usual WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Sensing that it is somewhat of a crossbreed between two of Nokia’s mobile line and an Android device, the Nokia X is an interesting character mainly because of its AOSP Android 4.1.2 that hands in its own custom interface that Lumia and Asha users are sure to be familiar of: resizable tiles on the home screen, folders and the usual pull-down-to-see-your-notifications are blared and ready for any user willing to give the X a shot.

Also with the Nokia X is Asha’s Fastlane – a concoction of notifications that is chronologically listed. These should include draft and/or unsent messages, open apps, missed calls and the like.

The Nokia X however has no Google Play, but it will still have Nokia Store alongside third party Android buddies like Amazon.

Nokia is currently selling the freshly baked X at around $122 (BHD 46). If your planning to buy one, You’re in luck: the Nokia X comes in white, cyan, yellow and red come with a month’s credit of SkypeOut.

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