Nokia X Pre-order reaches 1 Million in China

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If you want to be successful in the mobile phone market, you have to take an important look at Chinese consumers. China has the most number of smartphone users in the world so it’s no surprise why large manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and LG are busy swaying Chinese consumers toward their products.

Last time, it was HTC’s Desire 816 that was on the upstream wuth about 450,00 pre-orders in just three days after its release. Now the feat is surpassed by the Nokia X.

The Finnish company proudly announced that they have successfully launched such handset in China. This breathrough was schieved by roughly 4-5 days by the company. Either way, it is impressive to say the least. Having approximately 200,000 orders in a month is every manufacturer’s dream for its sales.

So why are people getting crazy over this phone? Well Nokia X as what has been previously reported is essentially an Android version without traces of Google. The difference won’t be felt too much since most Chinese handsets have their own services to replace that of Google’s anyway.

The specs are mediocre at best, but if it gets the job done, who care right? The Nokia X will be available internationally on March 25. It has a 4-inch screen, IPS touchscreen, 1 GHz dualcore processor, 512 if RAM, dual-SIM and 3G

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