Nokia X1-00 Launched: Specs & Video

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Nokia launches yet another low price mobile phone The Nokia X1. Nokia X1-00 comes into the world market as it’s already rumored to have starting selling in China, India, Pakistan and other 3rd world countries.


  • 1.8-inch 128 x 160 TFT display
  • Symbian S30 platform expandable MicroSD slot up to 16GB storage capacity
  • Numeric keypad and NaviKey for its navigation
  • Talk time last up to 13.1 hours
  • 1320mAH Li-iON battery
  • Apps (Snake, Xenia, Sudoku, etc)
  • Messaging, music software and some extra ringtones.

This low-end device plays a bigger role on countries who needs a very affordable gadget, for communicating with their relatives over a cheaper cost, It’s also rumored that the price tag is below 50$ (19 BHD).


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