Nokia X6 Sells Out In 10 Seconds

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It has been less than a week since the Nokia X6 was announced in China and it looks like the handset is already proving to be a huge hit. According to reports, it appears that the handset has managed to sell out of its initial inventory over in China in a whopping 10 seconds, and apparently this represents about 700,000 units across a couple of retailers.

We suppose given the handset’s design, it looks like it could easily pass off as a high-end flagship, but instead it packs mid-range specs which is actually pretty decent for its price. There were initial rumors suggesting that the phone could be exclusive to the China market, but that later changed when HMD Global conducted a poll on Twitter in which a overwhelming number of users voted for it to launch internationally.

We’re not sure if HMD will go through on their promise to launch it internationally, but given its success in China, we’re sure that the company would love to see it just as well-received in other markets around the world. No word on when that might be, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information if and when it surface, but in the meantime is the Nokia X6 a handset you might considering should it launch in your market?

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