Numark Orbit Wireless DJ Controller

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At first glance, you’d probably think that the Numark Orbit is either a contraption from the future or a new gaming console Well, it is actually neither of the two as the device is dubbed as the first ever wireless handheld DJ controller. To begin with, its design is purposive because it intends to provide quick and easy button access to DJs and MIDI-based performers. It is very light but feels really solid. The soft touch finish enables any user not to lose comfort and grip on it. It comes equipped with a two-axis accelerometer and four selectable effects that are spread across in its eight backlit pads. The pads are smooth and are responsive when touched. It is quite portable and flexible given that it can be handheld, clipped (there is a clip mount on the rear) to the body and even plugged in via USB (also charges it). It also has a hoop that is likely to match a lanyard-style strap. On the center, one would see its large central jogwheel (multi-purpose knob) that is switchable between four functions. 

As to its price and availability, it is said to retail for about $100 (40 BHD) by spring. We’re sure though that once it comes out, it will be a sure hit as it’s a show getter and starter.

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