Nvidia 3D Vision 2: 3D Gaming Glasses

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Nvidia’s new 3D Vision 2 Glasses is an active shutter glasses that puts vision strain behind with its 20 percent larger lens and some brighter and lighter experience for 3D gamers.

It supports ASUS’s 27-inch VG278H 1080p-, Toshiba Satellite P770- and Toshiba Qosmio X770 / 775, / P775 monitors and is backward compatible with the old 3D vision panels. The flexibility of the frames allows wearing of headphones without necessarily pinching the lobes. Soft composite materials are used in making the glasses. Ghosting is reduced in 3D vision laptops and monitors and on 120Hz 2d gaming.

It’s a Hi-Tech must have gadget for new titles such as LA Noire, Batman: Arkham City, and other 3D games available in the market. The 3D Vision Ready Technology is NVIDIA’s answer to high quality 3D Gaming solution for the Gaming industry. 3D on PCs monitor are enhanced with LightBoost for creating cystal-clear breathtaking bright and gorgeous 3D Experience. This Technology also supports image & Video.

Nvidia 3D Vision 2 is available from in major retails store around the world from October 2011, the price tag on this gadget is $149 (BHD 56).

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