Nvidia Android Gaming Console

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NVIDIA’s latest attempt to bounce back following a not so good performance by SHIELD, sources say that the Santa Clara, California based firm is now mulling to release another Android gaming console.

Let’s skip Portal for now and concentrate on the new device, shall we? To start things off, the device will have an HDMI-out port, meaning players can directly stream their PC games to their TV. Another is the ability to link to a PC graphics card to boost the handheld to run loaded games. GeForce users may also use this advancement to perk the handheld using the video card’s power.

The unnamed handheld console will also use NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 SoC – a next gen gaming inspired chip that will utilize an ARM CPU and a 192-core GPU. Likewise, the device, along with the Tegra chip is one way to relay its capabilities to the world. So far, the chip is currently used by Xiaomi, Lenovo’s Smart TV and Google 3D sensing Project Tango.

Come to think of it, NVIDIA’s new device will make Valve’s Steam Machines a competitor even though it said that the console will be announced next year. The former’s offering however is a relatively versatile one, considering that it can link to a PC to power it for heavy games plus the fact that it’s an Android, meaning apps and software are also available.

However, it will have to go head to head with the PS Vita, who is now getting the biggest bite among handheld gaming consoles.

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