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Ever wanted a clothing gear that cools you more if you sweat more? This dream comes true for us to beat our hot summers in Bahrain. 

Back in 2009, Columbia introduced the original Omni-Freeze fabric which was able to dissolve body heat by utilizing a special weave. 

The Omni-Freeze Zero was designed to be even cooler wherein it uses one’s body chemistry to create a cooling effect. As we know, sweat is the body’s response of creating a cooling mechanism. This feeling of being cool is made possible by the process we know as evaporation or the state of transformation from liquid to gas. Through time, man evolved into wearing clothes and it is a known fact that we sweat into our garments thus having the feeling of being uneasy, uncomfortable and hot. This has been the goal that sports companies were aiming at which is fighting the warm, damp and sticky feeling by pulling away moisture from the body and letting it disperse. 
As pointed out by Mick McCormick, Columbia’s Vice-President (VP), they view human sweat as a renewable resource (meaning it can be reused). He stressed that Columbia are a step ahead compared to their counterparts (e.g. Nike’s Dri-Fit, Reebok’s PlayDry, etc.) because these companies still focus on sweat being an athlete or sports enthusiast’s problem. Columbia’s Omni-Zero features a polymer (contained in the visible rings) that reacts with sweat and then swells to create a natural cooling effect. It basically allows air to move or play freely between skin and fabric even though garment is skin tight. Columbia even says that their gear getsgoosebumps like a human’s skin and they have touted this to be the prolonged cooling sensation. Columbia is set to launch the Omni-Freeze Zero by next spring. Around forty (40) styles of shirts, headwear, accessories and gear including the company’s Powerdrain shoe line will utilize such technology. Columbia’s Mountain Hardwear brand will also use the technology although it will be marketed under its own terminology which is Cool.Q.Zero. 

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