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An unusual product is attracting a huge crowd during CES 2014 and it is a wearable tech generally made for babies, the Onesie Mimo Baby. It is a baby onesie that is internet-connected which monitors a baby’s movements, temperature, respiration, and sleeping behavior. Mothers will be completely relieved of attending to their newborns with this wearable device. The manufacturer Rest Devices made this onesie as a suit with an organic cotton body with an attached pair of green stripes as respiratory sensors and removable sensors that monitors temperature and body position.

The monitors or sensors send vital information to the iOS or Android app on the mother’s device, be it a tablet, laptop, PC or a smartphone. The app itself shows the baby’s breathing pattern, sleep position and activity level through different graphic or visual presentations. The outfit compresses all information about the baby’s status and health eliminating the need to buy an expensive monitoring system akin to surveillance gadgets.

It is powered by a dual-core Intel Edison chip from the inside but the current onesies offered to the market this week will have a non-Edison chip. A starter kit is said to contain a turtle clip-on and three pieces of onesies. In the following days, a onesie sells in $29 for two packs.

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