OnLive Desktop Plus: Run Flash, MS Office on iPad

Still wondering ipad is useless office tool, think again OnLive can juke up your iPad & android tablet to run a windows 7 with Microsoft office applications & flash. OnLive gives your tablet device ability to remotely access a Windows PC and use the apps and documents inside, even Microsoft Office programs. The app also can connect to a Windows 7 cloud-based OS, much like Bootcamp on the Mac computers. Getting it will not be as simple as simply downloading the program and aplying for a Plus account, as it runs on a subscription that costs $4.99 per month. Desktop Plus throws in Internet Explorer 9 that’s equipped with Adobe Flash and Acrobat. Aside from that, the Plus version also adds in Dropbox compatibility. There’s just one major downside to the app- you cant download anything from the Internet.

More info & download:

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