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Do we really need more TV?
OSN Play is not about spending more time on the sofa, it’s about being able to watch your subscribed channels and shows from wherever you are, whenever you want to. It’s video on demand.

I have that already. It’s called YouTube
Sigh. There’s no doubting YouTube’s ability to entertain, what with videos of kittens sneezing and grans falling down stairs and that, but it doesn’t give you 100s of hours worth of movies and TV shows like OSN Play. And with more and more content going up each month, including sport and Arabic shows, it should soon rival the likes of Sky+ in the UK or Hulu in the US.

Alright then, sign me up
Not so fast. You’ll be needing an OSN subscription before you get access to its streaming services. And even then, you’ll only be able to watch shows that you’re already subscribed to through OSN like Play 1, Platinum HD or Premier HD. In fact, you’ll need your OSN smart card number handy when you register online.

I knew there was a catch…
Quite. It’s a far cry from unlimited streaming services like Netflix or Lovefilm Instant, but it is a start. And while you need to be an OSN subscriber right now, we don’t think that online-only subscriptions for non-OSN users can be far away.

Great. I’ll download the app
Yes, about that. OSN Play is currently only available on your PC and Mac, but it’s planning to be on many more devices soon. Later this year we can expect apps for most tablets (we’re looking at you, iPad and Android) as well as smartphones, consoles and even some smart TVs.

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