Pebble Smartwatch 2: Steel & Plastic models

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Pebble is coming out with its second-generation Pebble Steel smartwatch with improved aesthetics and software upgrade. It’s the same watch made of plastic and steel but of high-end quality including a durable Gorilla glass and shell. The watch now comes in in black or steel gray color and its accompanying chain of with Brushed Stainless or Black Matte is provided with an extra leather strap. The box contains tools for manipulating the straps and a charging plug.

A noticeable change that distinguishes the new Steel from the old one is its size which is now smaller but the weight is heavier. Improvements introduced were the result of consumer feedbacks regarding the first Pebble Steel which was outed last year. The all-steel case is apparently surrounded by a strip of black plastic which is hardly visible to the black version and providing an attractive framing to the silver version.

The latest watch also comes with tricolor LED and supports a number of new Pebble apps which are made through the company’s SDK 2.0 and Javascript and made available through its online app store. The smartwatch is currently making rounds at CES 2014 but it is already available for pre-orders with a price tag of $249.00 (BHD 94) while that of the older model stays at $149.99 (BHD 57). Shipping is expected to start by February.

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