Pebble Time Round: The elegant smartwatch

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The Pebble Time Round isn’t the most powerful smart watch out there, but it’s light, slim, and easy to use.

The Pebble Time Round, which is thinner and lighter than the competition. It looks a lot like a typical wristwatch, but has a low-power, always-on, color e-paper display and a handful of clever features like the ability to show texts, e-mails, alerts, and incoming calls, and track activities. Set to be available next Tuesday, it will cost $250 to $300, depending on the watch face and band.

pebble time watch

Using the watch is simple. Like other Pebble watches, it eschews a touch screen in favor of several buttons for getting around, and a vertical timeline makes it easy to see things like meetings listed on your calendar and the day’s weather forecast. Even settings are pared down to the bare necessities: for instance, you can allow all notifications (which include things like calls, texts, e-mails, and smartphone app alerts), only allow calls, or mute everything.


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