Pentax O-GPS1: GPS on DSLR Camera

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Pentax is known as a company who produces digital cameras and DSLRs, but geeks also knew it as one of the first manufacturers of DSLR cameras with integrated GPS for tracking purposes e.g: monitor the location of celestial bodies.

As of today, its latest version gets revealed called as the Pentax O-GPS1. For starters, this is a slide-on add on you can put at the top of your Pentax camera, specifically the K-5, K-R or 645D. And this should be able to record and compute the longitude and latitude, including the altitude and UTC of a user’s current location and tally it on your computer.

Meanwhile, it has a Pentax Shake Reduction System which offers additional applications such as Astrotracer, Simple Navigation and Electronic Compass, and this should enable you to do other things like geotag images for location, track moving objects and leveraging its GPS chip for accurate positioning.

As for its specifications, it’ll have receiving function of up to 50 tracking channels, positioning interval of 1 second, GPS accuracy of 10m RMS, powered by a single AAA battery, and the company touts it can last up to 7 hours with alkaline or 12 hours with lithium rechargeable battery.

If you are interested, you can now preorder the Pentax O-GPS1 GPS add-on for a price of 249.95 USD, and its shipping date is expected to be July 2011.

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