Philips launches toothbrush that charges via USB

When I received my first ever electric toothbrush as a birthday present (I know, right?) back in the day, despite wishing for something cooler like action figures or toy guns, brushing my teeth never felt more fun. There was just something novel about how I would just need to move my hand and let the electric toothbrush do all the work for me, as opposed to vigorously brushing my teeth in a circular, up/down, left/right motion.

Well for those who want to jump about the electric toothbrush bandwagon, Philips has recently announced a new electric toothbrush that uses a USB port to charge its batteries, as opposed to older electric toothbrushes which required AA (or AAA) batteries.

The toothbrush comes with a case which also doubles up as a charging dock, which means that you could be charging your electric toothbrush at the same computer you use to charge your iPod. The standard adapter can also be plugged into regular sockets so you can charge this in your bathroom if you feel weird connecting it to your computer.

The electric toothbrush, which Philips has dubbed the “Sonicare Diamond Clean” will unfortunately cost you a whopping £250. Imagine how many regular toothbrushes you could buy with that!

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