Photoshop Express for windows phone

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There are a lot of image editing applications out in the market and we always have this penchant to try them all because, a good image can only be better with a good edit.

While it’s not entirely a new thing, Photoshop Express brings with it Adobe’s trademark editing matrix. The application is now available for your Windows Phone via the OS’ official store. Those with a WP 8 (or 8.1) device – i.e. Lumia series – could instantly get the app for free (512MB extra space), while in-app purchases like the Adobe Looks and Noise Reduction Pack are likewise available.

Then again, it’s an editing software and it’s produced by Adobe. What could go wrong? You’d have one of the world’s best software on your smartphone and for one, basic to advanced photo editing is up and ready anytime, anywhere. No more connecting your device to your laptop or PC to edit those precious images. All you have to do now is to tap Photoshop Express and you’re good to go.

Fancy an Instagram-esque filter? There are 20 filter effects on the Photoshop Express, while the basics like color corrections, tweaking of exposure, brightness and shadow levels are included. For those not the artistic type, auto-correct is at your disposal.

Done editing? Share them instantly on your social media networks or via email and SMS. Thats really neat.

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