Plant vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (New Release)

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There’s only a day left before the much-awaited 3-day Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) commences at the Los Angeles Convention Center. And while gamers and pundits alike anticipate Microsoft and Sony to discuss more about their new game consoles, an interesting promo material for the upcoming Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare was spotted.

PopCap Games, a popular game publisher and subsidiary of EA, is busy working on the game’s sequel that is expected to get an official introduction at E3. The PvZ banner can be seen with cactus, dandelions and zombie donning a cowboy outfit. While we heard a couple of details about EA and PopCap working on PvZ 2, this is the first time we heard about the Garden Warfare. It’s still unclear if it is the same project but we’re pretty sure that all details will be divulged later on.

The title (Garden Warfare) which sounds related to popular Modern Warfare series, would have a multiplayer first-person shooter mode, a seemingly appropriate gameplay if you ask us. EA is reportedly planning to release succeeding installments for the PvZ series this year so it’s possible that Garden Warfare will launch after the teased Plant vs. Zombies 2 (planned release date is on June 18th). If you haven’t seen it, check the teaser video below.

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