PlayStation 4 Release Date updates

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Recent reports suggest that Sony is planning a U.S. release of its next-generation console in late October, in a move that will give the PlayStation 4 a significant head start against its main rival, the Xbox One from Microsoft.

A head start that maybe Sony didn’t need after all, given that their console is already ahead of the Xbox One, due to a more accessible price tag, user-friendly policies and technical specs. Nonetheless, a PlayStation 4 release date in late October will give Sony almost a month of market supremacy, as the Xbox One is expected at the end of November.

There has been increasing speculation lately about when the PS4 will be released, since Sony still keeps mum on the matter. Microsoft has not announced a clear launch date for the Xbox One either, but Amazon lists the new console for a November 27 release.

Sony has only said their console would be out this holiday season and refused to comment on any of the recent rumors.

Earlier this week, reports emerged that the PlayStation 4 would be out on November 13. A website featuring information about the next-gen console,, posted a countdown to the release, indicating 120 days left. Two European retailers, Media Markt and, mentioned the same date of November 13.

But today, fresh reports suggested that the PlayStation 4 may in fact be released a lot earlier, at least in the United States. Several major retailers such as GameStop hinted that the new Sony gaming system may become widely available across the U.S. in late October.

And the creative director of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag also confirmed the date and underlined that the new console will be shipped at the same time with the new Assassin’s Creed Game, either on October 31 or on November 1.

Absent any official confirmation of these rumors, we expect a lot more similar reports to emerge the following days. For the time being, the PlayStation 4 is available for pre-orders with Amazon and other retailers, for $399 (BHD 150).

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