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playstation VR
Set to release in the first half of 2016, PlayStation VR will reportedly be priced as a new gaming platform.

When GameSpot asked Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida for more specific details about Sony’s upcoming virtual reality device though, he said it was too early:

Well, we’re still not ready for a date and price, but the hardware has been going very well. It’s pretty much done, but the team in Tokyo is working hard to get the system software and the SDK done and continually improve it, to make sure that the experience is great for customers and developers.

We also want to make sure that when we launch we also have a good selection of games, so it’s a bit too early to sort out a price and date.

For comparison, Sony announced the PlayStation 4’s (BD 150) price tag five months before launch, with the official launch date in multiple regions announced three months ahead of time.

In a follow up question, Yoshida revealed that they pretty much agree with the Oculus, HTC Vive, and Valve people about caring so much for the future of virtual reality “and we want all of us to do the right thing. When we release to the consumer, it needs to be really good.”

Also discussing PlayStation VR in an interview with VG247, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan said, “Well, we’ve said it’s the first half of 2016. We’re not altering that statement.”

Asked about the price of PS VR potentially being comparable to a console, he replied, “Andy House has made a statement along those lines.”

VG247 then brought up a concern about Sony’s commitment to VR, what with the recent news about their dwindling support for PlayStation Vita. According to Ryan, Sony sees VR as something long term:

I think it’s very hard to make concrete promises about something that is completely untried and unproven. But I think what we can say is that we’re taking this very seriously. We do view it as something that will be of considerable long-term importance. I’m aware that might come across as a bit mealy-mouthed, but I think that’s probably about as much as I can say.

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Sony will reveal more about PlayStation VR at PlayStation Experience in coming months stay tune to find out more.

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