Pokki to Launch Apple-Like Apps on Windows PC

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Pokki is inspired by mobile applications that often slick containers of web content that is presented in such a way that is fun and lovely to look at. This concept inspired OpenCandy to bring the same experience to desktop PCs. Initially, Pokki will be a PC-only launch, but a Mac release is also expected to happen later this year.

In order to enjoy the apps from Pokki, the user only needs to install it at once and the service’s web connected desktop applications via the Pokki store. The Pokki store is located alongside the installed Pokis in the menu bar that gives users out there a convenient way to get connected as well as a browser free way to interface with web content.

Pokkis typically look and feel much like applications that you will find in a mobile. Most of these applications are built in HTML5, CSS and Javascript for a modern web application experience.

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