Procore Highlights the Importance of Integrating Technology in Construction

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Procore, a global provider of construction management software, recently hosted the Smart Build Forum at JW Marriott Hotel Marina Dubai, with the goal to bring together construction leaders and visionaries to spark dialogue on the seamless integration of technology in construction in order to boost operational efficiency and drive innovation. 

The Smart Build Forum featured a distinguished lineup of CEOs, CFOs, COOs, founders, and other key figures from the construction sector. Their collective insights underscored the strategic value of technology as a driving force behind innovation, sustainability, and resilience. Procore, alongside several industry leaders, also emphasized the need to successfully navigate change in construction in a way that fosters a culture of innovation. In addition, construction leaders shared valuable data and insights with stakeholders about the focus areas in the coming year. 

Brandon Oliveri-O’Connor, Head of Region – Vice President of Sales, EMEA of Procore, said: “The construction industry in the region is undergoing significant transformation due to new trends and innovations. By hosting the Smart Build Forum, we successfully brought together leaders and visionaries in the sector, who extensively explored ways to further integrate technology in construction to boost operational efficiency and drive innovation. Additionally, the forum served as a nexus to network and forge collaborations among industry stakeholders. At Procore, we remain committed to spearheading the advancement of digital construction solutions, working closely with industry leaders to drive operational efficiency and innovation.” 

In the first session, construction leaders provided insights into the next 12 months thanks to the future-focused agenda. This allowed stakeholders to engage in discussions regarding their priorities for the upcoming year. The session was hosted by Madeleine Skillen, host of the Tech Horizons Podcast and Regional Marketing Manager at Procore Technologies. The second session, ‘Tech Nexus – Driving Innovation with an Integrated Ecosystem,’ explored how platform technology acts as a strategic catalyst for data visibility, connectivity, and innovation. The speaker for the session was Mohammad Alfaour, Senior Solutions Consultant at Procore.   

The final session, titled ‘Change Navigation Panel – Securing Internal Buy-In for a Culture of Innovation,’ covered successful strategies for navigating change in the construction industry from leading experts. ​​Mukund Hirani, CTO and Co-Founder, Navatech, and Salpie Kechichian, Head of Product Management, WakeCap, were the speakers at the session.  

With the construction industry at a crossroads between tradition and transformation, the Procore Smart Build Forum had a lasting impact on stakeholders and upcoming policies. Through strategic collaboration, Procore’s Smart Build Forum allowed for the dynamic intersection of construction and technology, revealing insights that will help fundamentally change the way the next generation of cities are built. 

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