PS Vita Slim Pre-order from UK

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Sony’s highly acclaimed handheld console, the PlayStation Vita is getting sexier as the company revealed the slimmer version, the Sony Vita Slim.

The device has been spotted all over Japan since October of last year at around ¥18,980. Sony also disclosed that the Vita Slim will be available in the United Kingdom this week at £180, or $300 although they haven’t yet revealed as to when it will be available on the already eager hands of their US fans.

Over to the specs, the Vita Slim is reported to have a 20% less body fat, 15% lighter and should give its player some 6 hours of hard hitting gaming. Sony also made the device round on the edges and made its rear touchpads smaller so as to limit finger strays on some of the buttons.

The grip of the Vita Slim has been widened, too to provide more comfort and adhesion, which comes in handy when your favorite game hypes you with additional endorphins.

It will also come with a 1GB on onboard storage and a micro USB port for charging instead of the proprietary port previous models used. On a bit of the downside, the Vita Slim did away with the OLED display screen and swapped it with an IPS LED, but it does carry the same resolution at 960×544.

UK gamers can now pre-order the Vita Slim and should be officially launched on the 7th of February.

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