PS4 and Xbox One sell out

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On their launch day at Amazon both Xbox One and PS4 game consoles have been sold out through online pre-orders and the online retailer thanked all those who continue to patronize the online retailing business and the fans of both video gaming consoles as well. Xbox One and PS4 are scheduled to come out during the last quarter and Amazon is allocated a certain number of units for online retailing by way of pre-orders.

There’s no word as to the quantity involved but a similar phenomenon also occurred to other retailers such as GameStop and Best Buy. The public response to both games is overwhelming which is highly unexpected and comes as a surprise to many who point to the steep price as the possible limiting factor in demand for the next-gen consoles. New buyers who are unable or fail the pre-order bandwagon can still buy the standard edition of both games. PlayStation 4 is known for its AMD processor and other notable improvements and this could be the reason why rival competitors are also releasing their gaming platforms in order to keep their hold on their respective consumer base.

Its semi-custom APU allows it to work with the unique unified memory architecture fitted within. The Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest video console which is scheduled to be outed before the year ends after overcoming consumers’ complaints about the “always connected” feature and removing the same upon the insistence of many a few months before it is thrown in the wild.

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