PSP2: Specs Include 3G

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Aside from the Nintendo 3DS glass-free 3D console, the Sony PSP2 is considered one of the hottest items in portable gaming arena. According to recent reports, the new PSP console will have Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity except call. Care to know more? Read on.
Nikkei, Japan’s business newspaper, reported that the next version of Sony PSP will have 3G connection via one of Japan’s largest mobile carriers – NTT DoCoMo. It will allow users to play online games, download software as well as movies. Aside from that, PSP2 will still have the standard Wi-Fi, a larger than usual OLED touchscreen display and an advanced and “unknown” processor that can allegedly handle high resolution graphics.

It isn’t clear if there will be 2 versions of PSP2 – Wifi only and Wifi + 3G. Moreover, Nikkei had briefly mentioned about the Sony PlayStation Phone. Apparently, it will use Android OS, will have button-based controls (provide easier control for the user) and game features like the PSP.

The new Sony PSP2 (also codenamed VITA) is set to unveil this coming January 27 during Sony’s business overview and strategy meeting in Tokyo. On the other hand, the PS phone is expected to be revealed next month. For sure, gamers can’t wait to see the next generation of PSP and PS Phone in action.

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