QOOQ Tablet for Chefs & Cooking Moms

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Cookbooks you’d find on mom’s shelf now becomes more handy and techy with UNOWHY’s culinary tablet QOOQ. This is the first tablet of its kind, it’s a device that is set out to help cooks in making the best meals with recipes from Europe’s finest chefs. UNOWHY is a French company that has made its way to the stateside to launch the QOOOQ for the cook experts and aspiring chefs as well. 

QOOQ, or if you prefer it more sassy “la tablette QOOQ”, is a 10.1 inch tablet that runs with a 1GHz dual core processor and a custom OS. It is packed with over 4000 recipes exclusive from over a hundred of Europe’s top chefs. You’ll get to have a step-by-step interactive instructions for creating that lavish and sumptuous meals through the use of video, photos and text. What’s more is that you’ll get to see all those in HD. 

Cooks or aspiring chefs or just bout anyone, can put their own recipe creations in the tab and can also share it with their friends. Besides that, they could also make their weekly menus, set their shopping list and fiddle with ingredient quantities with this tablet. And it does not only have cooking aid abilities, it also has Internet connection support which enables users to log in to their email accounts, social networks or just to stream in online radio and more. QOOQ is now available at a price of $399 (BHD 151).

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