RoboCop joins Dubai Police

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The Dubai Police have a new recruit patrolling its streets today, but it’s not a graduate of the UAE’s Police Academy. This one was assembled and programmed specifically to meet the department’s needs.

Gulf News reports that it’s the “world’s first operational robot policeman.” The five-foot-seven bot weighs in at approximately 220 pounds, and it’s equipped with cameras, an array of sensors, and a sophisticated AI. Always-on connectivity ensures that the Dubai Police can keep tabs on its whereabouts. They can also tune into a live video stream as the robot makes its rounds.

A police spokesperson said that bot’s primary function is “to assist and help people in the malls or on the streets.” That’s only part of what it does, however. Dubai already has an extensive network of CCTV cameras that are plugged into a facial recognition system.

The police bot will be connected with that system, too, in order to help its human counterparts identify criminals and bring them to justice… though it’s worth noting that this robocop isn’t equipped with a sidearm and won’t be taking part in any ED-20-style shootouts. Not for the foreseeable future, anyway.

Dubai’s version looks just a teensy bit more friendly than an ED-209

For now, it’ll be focusing more on providing assistance to the public. With the ability to communicate in six different languages and a large tablet embedded in its chest, the police bot can provide all kinds of helpful information. It can also helpfully take credit card payments on the spot, so perhaps you’ll even be able to settle your tab for infractions such as parking your Aventador in a loading zone.

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