Roland iModela 3D Printer

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The iModela 3D Printer allows 3D Designers & Inventors to design three dimensional (3D) projects like jewelries, textures and prototypes made of balsa woods, foam, modeling wax and plastics. This device is perfect for small-scale creative projects. There would be no hassle for Inventors because this comes fully assembled upon purchase.

The iModela 3D Printer is compact and easy-to-use with 3.39 inch x 2.17 inch x 1.02 inch dimension, this device is so convenient. Operating this machine is as easy as a switch of a button. It can easily be controlled with just a power switch. It even comes with its own portable carrying case. So users can bring it around to enjoy its wonderful features. The iModela has a specially crafted spindle motor that sustains a wide array of milling apparatus which is typically found at model shops and do-it-yourself sellers.

The unit comes with cutting tools, a software and other materials. The 3D design software allows users to mill shapes, holes, textures and patterns. This software also allows user to pull-up a drawing tool to create a draft or sketch of their design ideas. It is important to note that this device is compatible with Windows OS version, the XP, Vista and Windows 7. Connection is also a breeze through a USB 2.0 port which is present in most PC and some tablet systems.

This machine is sold at a price of $899 a piece at Roland’s online website:

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